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At Peace Media Downloadable Music

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At Peace Media Downloadable Music

Download your entire CD to any MP3 player or computer to enjoy the relaxing sounds from At Peace Media.  At Peace Media specializes in instructional massage therapy DVDs, music for massage and spa, and other health and wellness programs.

After you purchase your CD you will be receiving an email from AT Peace Media confirming the purchase and how to down load your CD.

Choose from:

At Peace Music "Meditation" Cd By Michael Benghiat

The Meditation CD, part of the At Peace Michael Benghiat Collection, offers a tranquil musical soundscape created by flutes, guitar, harps, keyboards, percussion, and piano. Ideal for meditation and any other activity that needs gentle energy. 
59+ minutes

Nature's Gift CD

Inspired by the Muir Woods in Marin, CA, Mikael's original piano compositions intertwine with keyboards, wind chimes, wind and bird sounds. Music for the mind to lift your spirit and fill you with joy. 61 minutes.

Harmony by M. Benghiat CD

This is the Harmony CD, part of the At Peace Michael Benghiat Collection. Previously titled At Peace, Music from Big Sur and often just called the Esalen CD, this is the soundtrack to the award-winning Esalen Massage video. This acoustic, instrumental music features flutes, harp, and percussion. Its beautiful melodic textures and subtle rhythms were created by talented composer and musician, Michael Benghiat, to accompany massage and bodywork. Running Time: 60 minutes

Flow CD

A rich assortment of layered instrumentation, from flutes and strings to piano and keyboards, adds a touch of complexity and variety that holds the listener’s attention without seeming intrusive or sleep-inducing. Designed to enhance a feeling of peace and calmness with gentle acoustic instrumentation, perfect for massage, meditation, yoga and stress-relief. 59:25.

Serena CD

The Serena CD, part of the At Peace Michael Benghiat Collection, previously released as Doors of Perception, offers a tranquil blend of gentle acoustic instrumentation, perfect for massage, meditation, stress-relief, yoga and the healing arts. The CD has been enhanced with another new composition. The music is a hypnotic blend of guitars, Balinese gamelan, piano, keyboards, drums and percussion, harp, and flutes and recorders. Running Time Approx. 61 minutes


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