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David Michael 5 Cd Disc Set
David Michael 5 Cd Disc Set
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David Michael 5 Cd Disc Set

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David Michael 5 CD Disc Set

Michael David 3 CD Set. An especially sweet blend emerges here when virtuoso guitarist Michael Mandrell plays with David Michael. The radiant voice of Celtic harp intertwines with the crystalline steel strings of guitar, creating a shimmering cascade of peaceful tone poems with "Cascadia". Soaring flute improvisations are enveloped by warm tones of Celtic harp in a celestial suite created for bodywork, meditation, yoga or peaceful contemplation. Perfect for bodywork, meditation, yoga or peaceful contemplation with "Heartscape". Take a peaceful journey within. The expressive voice of the esraj (a 19-stringed bowed instrument from India) intertwines with the majestic Celtic harp and celestial strings of zither and guitar. This music was intenfully created for massage and bodywork, meditation, yoga and simply being. David Michael and Benjy Werheimer have been creating music together for decades. Musical synergy allowed the duo to enter a blissful meditative state. The result is found in this beautiful collection of improvisational pieces designed to guide you to the space within with "Within". Take a peaceful journey to distant lands with Celtic harpist David Michael and sitar master Deobrat Mishra from Benares, India, Punctuated by spacious, light rhythms on tabla and enveloped by relaxing waves of swaramandal (zither), this ensemble gracefully blends elements of East and West with "Himalayan Crossroads". Master Celtic harpist David Michael plays soothing melodies as deep reflections of nature and prayerful offerings for peace in a troubled world. The warm, gently rocking effect of the Celtic harp makes the music suitable, not only for thoughtful contemplation, but for massage, yoga and other healing arts whose practitioners have relied on David's music for years "Heart of Harp".

Set Includes:

  • 558-0135 David Michael “Cascadia”
  • 558-0137 David Michael “Heartscape”
  • 558-0139 David Michael “Within”
  • 558-0138 David Michael “Himalayan Crossroads”
  • 558-0136 David Michael “Heart of the Harp”

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Great collection for a Great Price!

November 01, 2010
David Michael 5 Cd Disc Set

If you want a nice selection of David Michael's music, this can't be beat. And a great price!

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