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Earthlite Infinity Conforma Table Only

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Earthlite Infinity Conforma Massage Table Only

The new Infinity Conforma Table by Earthlite was designed with generous inset memory foam cushioning system to flex and meet the natural contours of the breast , provide extra support to clients who require it , and allow support to client access for the therapists . This innovative portable table is also equipped with sweeping rounded corners , a tapered hourglass design , and sumptuous Natursoft upholstery. Optional Package Available.  breast pad

Table Specifications:

Weight: 34 -35 lbs
Width: 32" tapered to 28" with hourglass shape
Length: 73"
Height Range: 23" - 33"
Working Weight: 800 lbs
Foam: 3"
UL/CE Certified: CE
Rounded Corners: YES
Reiki Endplates: Half Reiki Half Standard
Shiatsu Cables: YES
Free Shipping: NO
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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Focus of Review is for traveling therapist

October 09, 2014
Earthlite Infinity Conforma Table Only

I travel a minimum of three days a week with my table. I love the design with the table cut in towards the center and stays wide at the top like an hour glass figure. The indention allows me closer access to the client all while maintaining proper body mechanics. This works well whether for smaller or larger clients. However, almost every time I go to put my table back in the bag, I seem to put it in the wrong way so I have to take it out and switch it. I put a tie on the zipper towards the wider end to help me remember which way to put it in—took me long enough to figure out a solution. It would be nice if Earthlite put that tag or something on one of the zippers for me. I love the Conforma’s feature of the extra cushioning at one end of the table all accessed by unzipping the end. When you unzip, the client is able to sink into the table. This has helped eliminate a possible need to bring extra support/pillows/bolsters for larger chested clients. This feature is only on one end of the table. This may or may not be a good or bad thing…just something to note. My other table I would rotate which direction the client was positioned on my table. I felt like this was equivalent to flipping a mattress…get a longer life out of it. With the extra cushioning on one side, the client will most often be positioned with the head at that end of the table. Over time, I wonder if this will shorten the life of my table. For my clients who don’t need the extra cushioning, I make the effort to position the head on the side with no cushioning.My old table fit in the back of my Chevy HHR nicely, and this table does not. The table is angled up so I can close the door and not damage the car or table, but it doesn’t lay flat. Be aware. It fits easily in my Outback.The zippers are intentionally placed in the center at the top of the table. If you don’t need the feature, you leave the table zipped. Once, I had a client whose head rested on the zippers while supine. I moved him down but I could tell it bothered him. I solve this now by keeping the zippers slid all the way to one side.There are knobs on one side of the table which protect the table on its side when putting it up and down—these knobs always seem to be in the way when I drape an arm over the side of the table to work on the arm in any kind of way in that angle. Depending on the size of the client and how the arm rests, a few times I couldn’t do a certain stretch technique. The Flex-Rest headrest that comes with the package seems nice, but I have seen more clients fidget with this. I ask to readjust it, they say yes…but, I don’t know. I wonder if the cushion is large or long enough. There seems to be a gap between the end of the table and the beginning of the headrest which I haven't noticed before. I weighed my table at home, in the bag, with the flex-rest headrest in it. It came in at 39 pounds. Overall, I am pleased despite these issues because everyone of my client's have complimented the comfort.

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Q: does this table come with a head rest?
Created on Monday, February 24, 2014 by Perry
1 Answer


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