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Face Cradle Insert

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Face Cradle Insert

This patent-pending design makes prone position massages more comfortable for clients. It relieves stress and tension on the neck and shoulders which occurs when the face "falls through" the crescent. Ultra-leather can be disinfected/sanitized. Available in S, M, and L.

  • Small: Dimensions are 1" wide at bottom rectangle.Total length of keyhole is 3".
  • Medium: Dimensions are 1" wide at bottom rectangle. Total length of keyhole is 5".
  • Large: Dimensions are 2" wide at bottom rectangle.Total length of keyhole is 5".


"I liked the feeling of even weight distribution around my face. The pressure was taken off of my ears and my neck was no longer kinked."Katrina Fields, Massage Student, TX

"The face cradle insert feels very soft. I like that it holds your head up, not smashing the ears and evens out the spine." R. T., Massage Therapist TX

"Excellent Experience Highly Recommend it. A Plus!" Customer at National AMTA Convention

"It is amazing something so thin can make such a big difference. Our patients ask for the Insert whenever they lay down on the treatment table." Dr. Daniel Keifat, Grand Forks, ND

"My patients have been wanting this for a long time." Kevin Gruhot, D.C.a p

FAQ's from the community.

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Q: does this product work with earthlife tables.
Created on Saturday, June 28, 2014 by Lillie
0 Answers
Q: will this cradle fit an NRG table? if so, what size do I need?
Created on Saturday, February 15, 2014 by mcki
0 Answers


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