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G5 Pro-Power Massager 5 Heads Included

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G5 Pro-Power Massager

ts powerful motor, variable speed control and applicator package make the G5 Pro-Power a very versatile massager. Directional-Stroking and power massage are unique features to the G5 Massage Machines. Directional-Stroking is a rhythmic, gyratory, stroking motion that produces deep, penetrating forces that act both parallel and perpendicular to the body. The deep-penetrating gyratory forces over-stimulate nerve endings, allowing contracted muscles and muscles in spasm to relax. Continuous variable speed range of 15-55 cycles per second. Comes complete with a G5 Portable Professional Therapy applicator package applicators. Item includes a one year warranty.

Portable Professional Therapy Package includes the following applicators:

  • 240-0006 - Two Ball Firm Rubber
  • 240-0005 - Pointed Tip Firm Rubber
  • 240-0013 - Large Round Firm Rubber
  • 240-0011 - Curved Flex Shoulder
  • 240-0007 - Four Ball Firm Rubber
  • 240-0052 - Medium Disposable Applicator Covers (25)
  • 240-0053 - Large Disposable Applicator Covers (25)

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November 10, 2014
G5 Pro-Power Massager 5 Heads Included

After going to a seminar and hearing how much the instructor used a massager in the practice I decided to get one. I searched online and looked a several different ones. I decided to go with the G5 Pro-Power Massager and I am very glad I did. I like the variable control, and all the different attachments. Compared to others the G5 from Massage Warehouse seemed like the best deal. It is a little heavy but all of my clients have liked it being incorporated into their massage. Over it has made my work easier. I believe it is a great product indeed!

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G5 is awesome.

January 15, 2011
G5 Pro-Power Massager 5 Heads Included

I use this powerful tool on backs that it will take way too much time to do Myofascial Release on. It does the job in half the time it would take to do it manually. And the trigger point heads that came with it are really helpful also.

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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FAQ's from the community.

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Q: Is that what the product actually looks like or is the handle on the "drill like" tool cut off?
Created on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 by Mel
0 Answers


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