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Golden Spa Tones CD

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Golden Spa Tones CD

Ethereal tones of Tibetan singing bowls gently soothe the soul like a massage for the spirit. 64 min.

These magical sounds create a sense of relaxation by dissolving patterns of stress and worry. Flute and bowls effortlessly take you to a divine inner place of acceptance, balance and peace. Gentle ocean waves and the Earth Resonance Frequency deepen the experience to a contemplative Alpha state.

Tibetan Singing Bowls
The origin of Tibetan Singing Bowls is shrouded in mystery but it is certain that they were used by monks as an aid in their meditation practice. Ancient bowls were an alloy of as many as twelve different metals that were pounded and shaped into bowls. When a bowl is struck by a wooden mallet, a rich blend of harmonic overtones is created. Because of the multiple harmonics, the sound can have the effect of bringing both hemispheres of the brain into synchronization. Whether used in meditation or simply to create a calm, serene state, the clear tones of the bowls bring a sense of harmony and balance. In this way, sound can be the medium that transports a person to an elevated state of consciousness.


  • Silver flute
  • Alto flute
  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Bells
  • Gongs
  • Ocean field recordings

Track List:
1 - Harmonic Waves (5:39)
2 - Bell, Bliss, Joy (9:19)
3 - Infinite Ocean (5:06)
4 - Sound Is Love (6:21)
5 - Stretch Your Soul (4:11)
6 - Deeper Compassion (7:38)
7 - Mystic Spirals (7:24)
8 - Walk on Water (5:51)
9 - No Boundaries (3:38)
10 - Golden Moment (8:31)

Total Time: 64 min.



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