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Kinesio® Tex Pre-Cuts

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Kinesio® Tex Pre-Cut 

To supplement your patient care, Kinesio is releasing a limited collection of pre-cut applications. These are true Kinesio Taping applications that, as always, can be customized as needed. This is not a simple slap-on application or patch solution. In addition to providing handy packaging for your own professional use, as in the example of the lymphatic taping, Kinesio has chosen some of the most common and well-understood applications to provide in convenient pre-cut configurations. This select range of pre-cut and individually wrapped applications is ideal for cases where it may be your choice to encourage a patient to self-apply the Kinesio Tex Tape in between visits.

The applications have been carefully chosen and designed for simple taping at light and paper-off tension levels. Kinesio is committed to the mutual support that we have developed with our network of expert practitioners. In fact, these products are designed to encourage users to seek advice and treatment from CKTPs and CKTIs.

Available in:

Kinesio Pre-Cut Back  – designed to support over stretched back muscles, lower back pain, lumbago and sciatica.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Neck – designed for neck pain caused by muscle strain or ligament sprain.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Shoulder  – designed to provide support for shoulder muscles, treat rotator cuff injuries and relieve shoulder pain.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Knee  – designed for runner’s knee, provide knee and patella support, and alleviate associated pain and swelling.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Wrist  – designed to provide support for carpal tunnel syndrome, provide wrist support and alleviate associated pain.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Foot  – designed for plantar fasciitis, support of the arch of the foot and alleviate associated pain.

FAQ's from the community.

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Q: Looking for pre cut kinesio tex tape for shoulder, neck or type to use for previous rotator cuff surgery. Also clavicle tex tape. What do you suggest that is water resistant or heavy humidity conditions. Kinesio tex was suggested because it's supposed to be longer lasting. First time user so don't want anything very expensive. Is there a charge for asking questions?
Created on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 by Chici
0 Answers


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