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      US 1000 3rd Edition Portable Ultrasound Unit

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      US 1000TM 3rd Edition Portable Ultrasound Unit

      Great for a second office unit, mobile therapy, sporting events, start up clinics, prescription to patients. Ultrasound is a form of deep heating in which sound waves penetrate into the soft tissues. It is especially useful in relieving acute pain and aids in tissue healing. This portable ultrasound unit is great for patients who need therapy away from a office or hospital setting. This unit is an FDA approved portable therapeutic ultrasound unit, now with 3 power output settings. Caution: Do not submerge unit in water.


      • Power Source: AC Adaptor (DC 24V/200mA)
      • Output Frequency: 1.0 MHz +-10%
      • Temporal Maximum Power: 8W +-10%
      • Output Intensity: Low 1.6W (0.11 W/cm2), Medium 2.6W (0.24 W/cm2), High 4.6W (0.47 W/cm2)
      • Duty Cycle: Low 7% ,Med 15%, Hi 30%
      • Output Mode: Pulse
      • Pulse Width: 5.4ms +-10%
      • Repetition Rate: 150Hz +10%
      • Timer Setting: 30 minutes auto-off +-1%
      • Dimensions: 14"L x 10"W x 4"H
      • Weight of unit: 120 g
      • 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty on unit


      • Stimulator
      • AC adapter
      • Ultrasound gel
      • Durable plastic carrying case
      • Instruction booklet
      Recommended Use:

      Ultrasound treatments are commonly used for pain relieve and inflammation, reduce muscle spasms, increase range of motion and to speed the healing process. 

      Caution: This is a Class II Medical device and Federal law Restricts this device to sale by or on the order a Physician.

      Documents Available

      US1000 3rd Ed. Manual



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