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Martinni Collagen Masks

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Martinni Collagen Masks
This great line of masks from Martinni brings a whole new approach to skin care treatments.  Each mask is unique in its application and has its own characteristics that are conducive to specific skin types and conditions.
Silk Mask: All and aging skin: Hydrating, whitening, and refining. This is an instant firming, brightening and illuminating mask. Silk protein is a natural moisturizer that adjusts in the skin to maximum benefit. Highly concentrated ingredients, with 18 kinds of silk amino acids, prevent both passive and active aging processes. Wrinkles and lines are significantly reduced, showing radiant, young skin. Natural nutrients effectively promote collagen production and strengthen cell adhesion, making skin more resilient. Refines, whitens, moisturizes, and smoothens.
Acai Berry Mask: All, normal, mature skin:Age fighter, corrects tone, texture, and elasticity - This recuperative treatment quickly penetrates skin’s surface and repairs the effects of visible damage to skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity due to environmental oxidation, sun exposure, and other external skin stressors. It wipes out the first signs of aging, speeds up the process of cell division. Fatty acids like Omega 3, 6, and 9 strengthen collagen fibers to hydrate, firm, and revitalize the skin, leaving a healthy and glowing complexion. 3 years Shelf Life.
Caviar Mask: All, aging, dehydrated skin:Promotes cellular renewal, smoothes, fine lines and wrinkles - Uses the rich source vitamins of roe extract (Caviar), and marine DNA to promote skin cell regeneration. Quince and Witch Hazel extracts increase hydration and promote healing. Bio-PGA, an innovative amino acid mono-polymer, and Allantoin seal to protect against moisture loss. CoQ10 boosts skin repair and reduces free radical damage.

Arbutin White Mask: All skin types :Solar lentigines, blotchiness, uneven areas, or patches of brown to gray discoloration or freckling - This Intensely whitening, hydrating, antioxidant treatment was created to address the signs of photo aging. Specifically beneficial for lightening and brightening mature skin with brown spots or fairer complexions prone to freckles. The addition of Arbutin helps clarify the complexion, removing dark spots, and preventing the formation of new ones. 3 years Shelf life.

Cucumber Mask: All, sensitive skin:Anti-inflammatory and boosts immune system of the skin cells - It is an ultra-gentle, non-stinging, anti-irritant treatment that soothes and hydrates all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Ideally
used after potentially irritating procedures, such as extractions, waxing, clinical facials, peels and hair removal, and electrolysis. Hydrates and renews the skin, creating supple, healthy, firm, and radiant results. 3years Shelf Life.

Coconut Mask: All, dry, sensitive skin: Anti-aging, soothes and revitalizes pale skin - This treatment instantly hydrates and calms sensitive, dry, and acne-prone skin. It rejuvenates the look and feel of devitalized skin. Deeply nourishes, repairs, and strengthens the skin using an antioxidant-rich formula that protects against free-radical damage and untimely aging. 3 years Shelf Life.

Lift Dermal Mask: All, aging skin: Firms, tightens, lifts, and reduces expression lines - This patented formula aggressively combats the visible signs of aging, wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven tone, and dryness. It is an innovative, intercellular lipid delivery system that creates an immediate firming and lifting effect, leaving the skin taut and radiant. Tightens the facial contour, smoothes and relaxes lines, and revives the complexion. 3years Shelf Life.

Cranberry Mask: All, aging skin: Defends against environmental damage, and improves complexion -Age-defying Cranberry treatment works to enhance cell turnover. Firms, brightens, and eliminates free radicals. Fatty acids like Omega 3, 6, and 9 strengthen the collagen, and elastin fibers. Visibly reduces signs of aging, such as sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles. 3years Shelf Life.

Blue Berry Mask: All skin types: Prevents collagen from breaking down and strengthens dermal matrix -Contains supercharged antioxidant power, packed with phytonutrients that naturally avert glycation-induced damage by stabilizing the collagen matrix. Promotes collagen biosynthesis, strengthening human skin fibroblasts, and improves microcirculation. This increases the hydration level of skin cells, blocks unwelcoming formation of chemical bridges in collagen that causes its breakdown. Improves cracking, creping, and thinning of the skin and reduces visible signs of aging by regaining smoothness and plumpness. 3 years Shelf Life.

Passion Fruit: All skin types : Freshens and prevents premature aging of the skin - Protects, pacifies, and moisturizes the skin. It is packed with antioxidants, linoleic acid, and flavonoids, which nourish and prevent skin from untimely aging. Instantly provides freshness and vitality, improves skin elasticity, and has a calming effect on the skin. High in vitamins A, C, and essential fatty acids, which strengthen the skin’s ability to defend itself from harmful elements. 3 years Shelf Life.

Collagen Masks Avocado: All skin types:Rich restorative moisturizing wrinkle fighter, complexion smoother - This revolutionary treatment features an incredible blend of anti-aging ingredients that work to restore to a younger- looking complexion. Effectively reduces the depth of creases and shields the skin with antioxidants. Vitamin E and peptides boost collagen production, balance the skin tone, and condition for a smoother texture. Hyaluronic acid hydrates, while Avocado extract neutralizes free radicals and reinforces the skin’s immune responses while encouraging cell regeneration. Complexion becomes smoother and brighter with a firmer and a more supple texture. 3years Shelf Life.

24K Gold Mask: Reduces melanin and improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity -The 24K Gold luxury treatment quickly permeates deep into the skin, instantly smoothes fine lines, repairs damaged cells, stops aging, and restores soft, white, delicate hands. It supplies necessary moisture and nutrients, makes the skin silky smooth, supple and flawless. Creates a protective barrieragainst moisture loss, provides maximum hydration, nourishment, and protection to even extremely dry, rough, overworked skin. 3year Shelf Life.

Cellulose Hydrogel Mask: All, post-treatment skin:Lightens, calms, heals and balances skin tone - This natural treatment acts by providing continuous soothing, cooling and conditioning. It contains Arbutin, a natural, skin lightener, Hyaluronic acid, NAG a highly bio-available form of Glucosamine all condensed in Bio Cellulose, refined to utmost purity with natural lactic bacteria. It can be used alone or after acid peels, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments. 3 years Shelf Life.
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Q: I would like to see ingredients listed--- many are concerned about parabens on the face being absorbed through the skin. How are the Martinni masks preserved?
Created on Thursday, October 23, 2014 by Andi
0 Answers
Q: how many masks come in a package?
Created on Saturday, April 26, 2014 by heather
1 Answer
Q: Will you have more Martinni mask in stock soon? Im looking for the following Hylauranic acid Cherry antioxidant Vitamin C collagen gel mask Co-q10 collagen gel mask
Created on Sunday, December 29, 2013 by Mary
0 Answers


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