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Massage Therapy Foundation Rise or Shine Music Collection

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Massage Therapy Foundation Rise or Shine Music Collection

These special albums, Rise and Shine, were created to raise awareness of the Massage Therapy Foundation, and to generate greatly needed funding so the Foundation can continue to do its important work of funding massage research, education, and community service. These limited edition albums are composed of music created by musicians in the massage therapy profession.

The Rise album includes a wide variety of musical genres including acoustic, bluegrass, and light rock (running time: 46 minutes). The Shine album is comprised of songs suitable for relaxation or to be played during a massage (running time 69 minutes).

All of the artists on the albums donated their songs in support of the Foundation and its work. The CDs can be bought separately at $15 each, or purchase one of each at a combined price of $25 (click here to purchase set). Massage Warehouse is proud to be handling the sales and distribution free of charge for the Foundation so that every dollar can go to this fantastic cause.
All of the musicians involved generously donated their songs in support of the Foundation and its work. A portion of the production costs were underwritten as well.

Shine (Running time 69 minutes)
1 Suite Sun - Art Lindemanis (6:27)
2 Healing Touch - Mike Wall (5:23)
3 Roots and Branches - David Lauterstein (5:01)
4 Whispers of A Dream – Shardad (4:35)
5 Methow Reverie - David Michael (14:35)
6 Sanctuary - George Skaroulis (5:10)
7 Song for the Lord - Erin Jacobsen (5:30)
8 Blanket of Buttercups - Dean & Dudley Evenson (7:47)
9 Sunrise - Michael Strening Jr. (4:12)
10 Path of the Heart - Max Highstein (6:31)
11 How to Work with Energy - Christopher Bernabei (3:22)

Rise (Running time 46 minutes)
1 Avalanche - The Xizz (Xochitl Vinaja) (2:39)
2 What You Don't Know - Alvarado (Christopher Alvarado) (3:38)
3 Mississippi Chicken - Rebecca Barnett and Hesham Moustafa (3:40)
4 Swim Rover - Fido Spot (Celia Bucci) (2:26)
5 When Falling is a Means - Sydney McClune & Michael Hamm (6:26)
6 Flight Plans - Max Highstein (4:42)
7 Memories in the Jar - Allen, Davis & Hogwild (Laura Allen) (4:50)
8 Old Joe Clark - Liberty (Nancy Porambo) (3:53)
9 Sally Ann - Devil's Dream (Alice Sanvito) (3:35)
10 I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers - Sandy Grover Mason (1:56)
11 Rain - Dari Lewis (3:26)
12 Slow Down Inside - Marianimal (Marianne Potje) (5:24)
The Massage Therapy Foundation advances the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education and community service. To learn more, or to make a donation online, visit www.massagetherapyfoundation.org.
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Love it!

November 28, 2011
Massage Therapy Foundation Rise or Shine Music Collection

I don't typically like 'massage music' but I bought the CD because it was a fundraiser for the Massage Therapy Foundation. My clients have commented on how much they like it, and I'm really enjoying it, too! It's mellow and light without being too sedating.

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Massage Therapy Foundation Rise And Shine CD Set
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