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Pedigenix Products

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PedigenixTM Foot Care System

Four products work together to perform customized daily foot care to all your patients. Each product is formulated with natural extracts of menthol and cucumber to refresh your feet. Other key ingredients include Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Urea and Shea Butter to help moisturize and improve the skin's condition. Finally, Zinc Ricinoleate and Pentylene Glycol to help deodorize and keep your feet feeling rejuvenated. Your patients will be able to feel and notice the difference in their feet within days!

Wash: Daily Foot Cleanser
  • Use the foot cleanser prior to any other Pedigenix product. This is an integral step for achieving clean and smooth skin.
Smooth: Exfoliating Creme
  • Urea and Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliate, smooth skin, and then locks in moisture. This innovative product and has been shown to enhance the appearance of callused and cracked feet in as little as 3 days! Use the exfoliant on severely dry skin until results are reached, and then nurture skin with the Pedigenix Daily Foot Moisturizer.
Soften: Daily Foot Moisturizer
  • Extremely light and non-greasy lotion to be used as part of the daily preventive foot care regimen. The Urea, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E boost skin moisture to relieve dryness.
Dry: Deodorizing Liquid Powder
  • Advanced formula which offers all the benefits of a powder without the mess. The deodorizer starts as a lotion and as you begin to apply the product to the feet it quickly transforms into a light, soothing, talc-free powder. The liquid powder will keep the feet dry and deodorizing agents keep the feet fresh.
All In One: Pedigenix System Starter Set
  • Display at your clinic for a quick start to patient sampling and dispensing the regimen. 3 full packs of all 4 products are included along with 10 patient brochures containing sample packs of the 2 Daily steps- Wash & Soften.  


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