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      ProHealth Systems Physical Medicine Textbook

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      ProHealth Systems Physical Medicine Textbook - Evidence Based Physical Medicine Manual

      This manual is designed as a quick reference guide for healthcare students, practitioners, doctors & instructors, and as a companion book for the Muscle Manual, Physical Assessment & Conditions Manual.

      This text contains concise, easily accessible information on topics including kinesiology, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilization, osseous manipulation, acupuncture, electrotherapies, athletic taping, nutrition and much more!

      In addition, this text is a valuable study guide for students, practitioners and doctors preparing for National Board Exams, State/Province Board Exams, Clinical Skills Examinations and many other standardized licensure examinations.


      • Over 1500 Illustrations & Images
      • Online Video, Image & Text Resources
      • Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed (DC, DO, MD, ND, PhD, PT, RMT, RN)
      • Low Cost, High Quality, Pocket-Sized & Portable
      • Clear Presentation & Logical Format Saves Time
      • Perfect for Board Exam Review
      • A Must-Have for Clinic & General Practice


       "No other book on the market that offers so much information for so little financial cost - this text is a must have for your professional library."

       "Wish I had all of these books when I was in school, classes would have been so much easier. They are a great practice modalities brought together under one umbrella of basic learning and clinical application!"

       "This text, and indeed all of the Pro Health titles, are helping to break down the walls of segregation & prejudice that exist between practitioners of different back grounds - this book has opened my eyes & opened my heart to a much more productive and diversified practice within myself and my healthcare network..."




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