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Soothing Touch Herbal Heat Gel

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Product Reviews for - Soothing Touch Herbal Heat Gel
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Very disappointed!

October 12, 2015
Soothing Touch Herbal Heat Gel

I have been a long time consumer of Soothing Touch massage lotions. I had hoped this would be a herbal alternative to Tiger Balm. I was sadly mistaken. The small bottle I purchased to sample would have led me to buy more, even though it was a little pricy, had the product actually worked. Maybe it was a bad batch but there was absolutely no heat what so ever. I tried it on myself before asking a few clients to try just in case my skin wasn't sensitive to it. They all said the same. I will certainly not purchase this again.

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Good heat product

November 26, 2013
Soothing Touch Herbal Heat Gel

I purchased 4 different heat products to compare them: Sombra Warm Therapy, CryoDerm Heat, Prossage Heat and Soothing Touch Herbal Heat. Sombra won, hands down, for overall use. It warmed up quickly, has a nice scent, and kept the heat for a reasonable time. CryoDerm came in a fast second. The heat held longer than Sombra, and felt deeper, but the scent tends more towards the mediciney side. I found it also heated up hours after I applied it when damp heat was applied to the area. I didn’t mind that effect, but was glad to know it could happen. Prossage was my third choice. It held heat longer than Sombra, and was fairly comparable to CryoDerm, but the scent is horrible. I might use this on myself (just to avoid throwing product out), but not on my clients. I had high hopes for Soothing Touch as it seems to rely more on essential oils than on camphor and menthol. It has a lovely scent, but the effects weren’t as deep or as long lasting as the other products. Also, it says on the bottle “a warming gel for pre-sports warm up”. Perhaps this would be perfect for sports massage, but I’m not sure it’s what I would use for deeper tissue issues.

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