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Unveiled Cd

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Unveiled CD

Top NAR music reviewers R J Lannan and Bill Binkelman describe Unveiled as “Unrivaled...consummate beauty.

Stanton’s compositions blended with the light ensemble is sheer musical pleasure” and “Exquisite...almost assuredly one of the best recordings of the year.” Debuting at #3 on the NAR charts Unveiled contains some of Lanier’s most passionate, emotional melodies. A quote by Frederick Buechner describes the heart of this project: “The music of your life is subtle and elusive and like no other – not a song with words, but a song without words. Listen…all moments are key moments.”  Lanier’s second project with Grammy winning producer Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records, Unveiled features a stellar ensemble of seven award winning guest artists surrounding his signature piano melodies to make this a very special musical journey.  May yours be filled with truth and beauty that speaks to the soul.

 “Stanton’s music is filled with both soaring inspiration and a sense of remarkable peace. He doesn't have to tell us where the music comes from to have us feel it. Unveiled is deeply emotional work; surprising and fluid; filled with passion.  His compositions are revelations of spiritual depth and his performances a cathartic outpouring of emotion. You do not need to know of the faith that is such a fundamental part of Stanton’s life, but it would be impossible not to share in the power of it while listening to him.”
- Producer Will Ackerman, Grammy Winning Founder of Windham Hill Records



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