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Intrinsics Wipes & Cotton Gauze

Intrinsics prides itself on attention to detail. Their comprehensive collection of single-use products provides consistent integrity you can count on since 1930. The collection includes long-time friends like cotton coil, cotton gauze, cotton wipes,cotton balls and esthetic wipes. Exceptional quality, value, innovation, functionality, and design elegance…that’s INTRINSICS. Since Intrinsics has long been a leader when it comes to professional waxing supplies, you won’t be surprised that our products perfectly complement all types of waxing, massage or skin care treatments. While every spa experience demands trust on the part of your client, when it comes to waxing, trust is even more paramount. You can’t afford not to use the best professional waxing supplies. That’s why you can’t afford not to use Intrinsics.

 Intrinsics Non-Woven Waxing Roll 3" X 100 Yards
Intrinsics Cotton-Filled Gauze - Nail Tech's Choice
 Intrinsics Bikinis 100 Ct
Intrinsics 8" Glycolic Applicators- 100 Ct
Intrinsics Bulk Cotton Balls 100% Cotton-1500 Ct
Intrinsics Toe Rope Separators- 200 Count
Intrinsics Multi-Use Towel 12" X 16" 40 Count