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Mehaz Beauty Implements & Tools

There’s nothing more painful than tweezing. Waxing is over in seconds, but tweezing goes on seemingly forever. Nothing’s going to make it a good experience, but Mehaz stainless steel specialized tweezer sets can ease the pain a bit. Whether you need a slant tip, blunt, or pointed, Mehaz has tweezers that will remove unwanted hairs first time, every time. When you just need to have it over and done with as quickly as possible, you need Mehaz.

Mehaz Tweezer SS Slanted
Mehaz® Professional Pusher/Cleaner 5"
Mehaz® Professional Nail Clipper
 Mehaz 5.5" Ingrown Toenail Lifter - 384
Meh Ss Ds Lap Cuticle Cn777 1/4"
Mehaz Professional Angled Straight Toenail Clipper
Mehaz Curved Toe Nail Clipper
Mehaz Tweezer SS Pointed
Mehaz®Toe Nail Clipper - Angled Straight Wide Jaw
Mehaz 4" Cuticle Nipper 1/4" Jaw
Mehaz Depil A Tweeze Pointed Tweezers Stainless