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TheraPro Massage Lotions & Oils

Uncompromising quality at a great price. As a massage professional you are in contact with oils, lotions and creams more than the average consumer which is why our TheraPro professional massage lubricants are formulated with as many natural, high-grade ingredients as possible. Quality ingredients help reduce the risk of breakouts, allergic reactions and poor performance in the treatment room.

TheraPro Multi Purpose Massage Cream
$5.90 - $196.07
TheraPro Swedish Lotion
$5.19 - $93.59
Therapro Grapeseed Oil
$4.79 - $36.33
TheraPro Massage Gel
$4.79 - $137.07
Therapro Sweet Almond Oil
$4.62 - $39.85
TheraPro Swedish Effleurage Massage Oil
$4.79 - $40.56
TheraPro Deep Tissue Lotion
$4.62 - $88.15
Therapro Arnica Massage Oils
$7.36 - $30.90
Therapro Ultra Glide Oil
$6.39 - $63.13
Therapro Herbal Symphony Cream
$11.37 - $52.26
Therapro Paraffin Mitt Kit