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Aromatherapy Products, Supplies & Kits

Aromatherapy products like Essential oils can be combined with aromatherapy treatment supplies products to create a customized experience or used independently to create a unique ambiance. Aromatherapy product kits include essential oils, blends, fusions, carrier oils, aromatherapy diffusers and other tools of the trade. Aromatherapy is… The use of essential oils from aromatic plants; by inhalation or skin absorption to promote health and a sense of wellbeing. Essential oils stimulate the nervous and endocrine system, kill pathogens & boost immunity. Depending on the plant used they can be: relaxing, restoring to the mind, body and spirit, or energizing.


TheraPro Relaxing Aromatherapy Oil Massage PkgSale
$14.97 $12.72
Therapro Relaxing Aromatherapy Lotion Massage PkgSale
$14.97 $12.72
TheraPro Calming Aromatherapy Lotion Massage PkgSale
$21.97 $18.67
TheraPro Calming Aromatherapy Massage Oil PkgSale
$21.97 $18.67