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Essential Oil Kits

Blended essential oils, or fusions, are a wonderful way to combine the power of single essential oils without the hassle of blending and mixing. These essential oil kits are a great way to try a number of oils and save a little at the same time! Buy Essential Oil Kits Sets & Packages

Spa Room Roll-A-Therapy
Spa Room Bottle Tester Kit (24)
Spa Room Bottle Variety Pack
Therapro Stress Relief Aromatherapy Ltn Massage PkSale
$14.97 $12.72
TheraPro Stress Relief Aromatherapy Massage Oil PkSale
$14.97 $12.72
Lotus Touch Stress Management Massage Oil Package
Lotus Touch Relaxation Massage Oil Package
TheraPro Relaxing Aromatherapy Oil Massage PkgSale
$14.97 $12.72
Lotus Touch Detox Massage Oil Package
Therapro Relaxing Aromatherapy Lotion Massage PkgSale
$14.97 $12.72
TheraPro Calming Aromatherapy Lotion Massage PkgSale
$21.97 $18.67
TheraPro Calming Aromatherapy Massage Oil PkgSale
$21.97 $18.67