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Essential Oil Blends

More than a pretty smell! Essential oils are not actually oily but are highly flammable and volatile compounds. Essential oils are extracted from various plant materials - flowers, leaves, roots, resin, peel or bark. The oils are produced in one of three ways - steam distillation, expression and solvent extraction – depending on the type of oil. Essential Oil blends are specific combinations of single note oils blended together to achieve a specific aroma or benefit. Buy Essential Oil Blends & Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils.Synergy Blended Essential Oils - Simple and easy to use because they are premixed. Selected to synergize the aromatherapeutic nature of the oils which increases the effectiveness & benefits.

Lotus Touch Detox Massage Oil Package
Lotus Touch Stress Management Massage Oil Package
Lotus Touch Relaxation Massage Oil Package
Migraine Aromatherapy Pack