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Ultrasound Stim Combo Units

When offering multiple types of electrotherapy, it is more practical to have one piece of equipment that does it all. Ultrasound stim combo units save space and allow your equipment to be more mobile. You will be able to take all of your treatments right to patients who can't move well for themselves. If you often use multiple treatments together in your practice, an ultrasound TENS combo unit is a good choice.

Amrex U/20 Portable Ultrasound
Amrex Synchrosonic Us/50 Combination Ultrasound/Low Volt Ac Stimulator
Chatta Intelect Legend Xt 2 Channel Combo W/Cart
Chatta Intelect Legend Xt 4 Channel Combo W/CartSale
$3,150.00 $2,678.00
Vectra Genisys 4 Channel Combo Unit With Cart
Vectra Genisys 2 Channel Combo Unit With Cart
Chattanooga Intelect Transport Combo Unit