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TENS Unit Cords and Wires

You rely on your TENS unit for pain relief, so it is very important to keep it in perfect working order. We offer a complete selection of TENS unit wires, TENS unit cords, and adapters for TENS units for your needs. Here you will find sponges, pins, connectors and other items to keep your TENS unit up and running to provide the comfort and relief your clients need for their pain. Buy TENS Unit Wires and Electrotherapy Cords & Adapters.

Banana To Pin Adapter, Black
Banana To Pin Adapter, Red
Tens Unit Lead Wires - Shielded Round Connector
Amrex Muscle Stims Cord
Banana To Pin Adapter For Amrex
Pin To Banana Adapter, Black
Pin Plug To Snap On Lead Adapter
Lead Wires For Amrex Advanteq 2000 Tens Unit
Lead Wire For Biostim Lx Set Of 2