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Chiropractic Therapy Pillows

Much of chiropractic treatment is concerned with correcting and adjusting posture. In between treatments, a chiropractic pillow can help patients avoid undoing the benefits of a session. The way someone sleeps can do serious damage to their back and shoulders. Specialty and foam wedge pillows and cushions can help protect your patients from further harm. We offer a wide range of pillows to target a variety of posture issues patients may have.

Omni Cervical Ease Tractioning Pillow
HappiNeck Therapeutic Neck Pillow
8340001On Sale
$16.12 $14.31
Body Pillow With Staphcheck Cover
8310001On Sale
$39.48 $35.06
Splintek Sleepright Side Sleeping Pillow
$89.00 - $149.00