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$10 off supplies!

Biofreeze Spring Sale

Disposable Undergarments

Reduce laundry expense and provide your clients with disposable clothing options which allow them to maintain a degree of modesty without damaging or staining expensive lingerie and boxers. Many sizes, colors and styles to choose from.

Disposable Panties 12 Pack One Size
$3.28 - $3.50
Disposable Elastic Backless Bra/Black 6Pk 1 Size
Black Disposable Boxer- 6 Pack Lg/XlOn Sale
$4.99 $4.00
Elastic Disposable Headbands W/ Elastic Closure 48 Pack
Disposable Backless Elastic Bra/White 6Pk. 1 Size
Non-Woven Disposable Headband 50 Ct
Disposable Polyester Headband White 48 PackOn Sale
$14.99 $14.10
Ladies Disposable Velcro Bra 6 Pack White 1 Size
Intrinsics Bikinis 100 CtOn Sale
$19.56 $18.99
Dukal Relections™ Stretch Handbands - White 48/Pk