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Spa Massage Money Saving Packages

Saving you money on quality products is what we do best! We have put together items that fit together beautifully, & packaged them for extraordinary savings. Synergy is the drive behing building these kits, & we look for items you need, work well together, & help you in your daily business. Quality, Value & Convenience are what we provide in these well planned kits. One is sure to be perfect for your needs.


Hot Towel Cabinet With Side Swinging Door + Free Washcloths (24)Sale
$207.03 $181.79
Kur Memory Foam Crescent With Free CoverSale
$43.98 $36.49
NRG Cotton Poly Face Covers 5 PackSale
$31.45 $19.49
"Holsters Of Silk" PackageSale
$23.16 $12.49
Double Holster KitSale
$32.99 $16.79
Hot Towel Cabi W /UV Sterilizer + 24 Free WashclothsSale
$227.22 $201.99
Thai Massage KitSale
$247.00 $209.79
Basic Table Covers KitSale
$93.63 $76.77
Signature Hot Stone Massage Set Without Chakra StonesSale
$235.95 $194.06
Keyano Scrub "Try Me" KitSale
$43.65 $39.95