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Balance Trainer and Stability Ball

The sports balance trainer and stability ball have a compact and sleek design that allows for easy storage and transportation. They work exceptionally well for standard workouts and sports conditioning. Leading sports teams use them for training tools. They are long lasting and safe, and the inflation amount can be adjusted to suit your personal goals. A stability trainer like the pitching vestibular board creates a tilting motion that is beneficial for the development of greater balance.

Inflatable Sitting And Standing Vestibular Disc
Bosu Pro, DVD and Book
Chango R4 Model Balance Board
Bosu Elite Durable Balance Trainer
Thera-Band Balance Board 16' Diam 3.5' High
Blue Textured Roller W/Ridges Medium 6" X 18"
Airex Balance Pad
Thera-Band Stability Disc Silver, 13" Diameter
Fitball Balance Disc