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Physical Therapy Rehab Bands

The use of bands and tubing has grown a great deal in recent years, and Massage Warehouse & Spa Essentials has a wide range of physical therapy rehab bands, physical therapy rubber tubing, and all of the proper accessories you need for both. Choose from a wide array of stirrups, handles, straps, and kits to get the most out of your workout or rehab session in almost any location.

Cando Door Anchor W/Webbing For Band/Tubing W/Nub
Cando Loop Stirrups
841 0203 01
Thera-Band Exercise Handles 1 Pair 22120
Cando Adjustable Foam Handles For Band Tubing Pair
Cando Band/Tubing Accessory Kit
Cando Door Disc Anchor Strap
Thera-Band Accessory Kit
Thera-Band Assist Strap
Thera-Band Door Anchor 22130
Extremity Straps Hygenic Thera-Band One Pair
Thera-Band Sport Handle