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Electrical Back Massagers

Our selection of electrical massage products is helpful for warming tissues and helping clients relax prior to treatment. Includes hand-held back massagers and larger, dual handed models as well has infrared heat therapy products. Shop all our Electric back Massagers, Hand Held Back & Neck Massagers here.

G5 GBM Hand-Held Massager With 5 Attachments
G5 Pro-Power Massager 5 Heads Included - electric massager
Thumper Versa-Pro Lower Body Massager
G5 Model Gk-3 Massager/Percussor, Variable Speed
Scalp & Skin Surface Applicator For G5 Massagers
Half Ball Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers
 Massage Unit Wall Hanger
Blunt Tip Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers
Large Frm Rubber Applicator For G5 Massagers
Pointed Tip Applicator Frm Rbr For G5 Massagers
Percussion Adapter For G5 Units
Sft Sponge Rbr Applctr For G5 Massagers, 3.5' Dia