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Massage Table Bolsters & Pillows

Bolsters help clients get comfortable and relax so you can give a better treatment. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and styles to meet the needs of every therapist, every client and every treatment.

NRG Full Round Bolster
NRG Jumbo Half Round Bolster
Earthlite Jumbo Half Round Bolster
$33.99 - $42.00
Nrg Jumbo Round Bolster
NRG Fluffy Bolster
Oakworks 6" Semi Round Bolster
EarthLite Full Round Bolster
$30.99 - $39.50
Earthlite Fluffy Bolster
$35.00 - $45.00
Earthlite Neck Bolster
$25.00 - $35.00
Earthlite Half Full Round Bolster
$28.00 - $38.00
Oakworks 6" Round Bolster