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Massage Oils, Creams & Lotions

A complete selection of the best massage oils, the best massage creams, the best massage lotions and the best massage gel products that meet the needs of your budget and technique. We are proud to feature massage lubricants oils, creams, lotions and gels from the best brands – Lotus Touch, TheraPro, Massage FX, Biotone, Bon Vital, Soothing Touch and More!

Choose the Best Massage Lubricant- oils lotions creams gels Based on Modality


Soothing Touch Spa Success KitSale
$63.99 $54.39
Soothing Touch Brown Sugar ScrubSale
$87.99 $74.79
Therapro Aromatherapy Massage KitSale
$37.45 $29.99
Lotus Touch Slimming Body Care Treatment KitSale
$106.63 $91.77
Sa-Wan Taste Of Paradise Thai Herbal Ball KitSale
$161.93 $118.99
Biofreeze Pro Promo-Buy 20 Clr Rolls Get 4 FreeSale
$196.56 $163.80
Lotus Touch Classic Massage KitSale
$48.96 $39.17
Lotus Touch Premium Aromatherapy  PackageSale
$104.03 $72.82
Kur Sugar Scrub Treament PackageSale
$44.27 $29.99
TheraPro Stress Relief Aromatherapy Massage Oil PkSale
$14.97 $12.72
Lotus Touch Soy Candle Try Me PackageSale
$39.36 $30.29