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Massage Cupping Sets, Kits & Supplies

Massage cupping is an art that allows you to target certain therapeutic points on the body. It shares some similarities with acupuncture, but is gentler. We offer massage cupping supplies and equipment for any therapist that has decided to add massage cupping to their list of services. If you need to replace your cupping massage therapy products, this is also the place to do it, as you can easily order everything you need right here with a click of your mouse. Massage cupping is a modified version of "cupping therapy," which has been used extensively in Chinese medicine for several thousand years. By creating suction and negative pressure, massage cupping is used to drain excess fluids and toxins; stimulate the peripheral nervous system; bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin; and loosen adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue.

Acucups Rubber 4pc Cupping Set
Pain Eliminating Cupping Set
White Silicone Cupping Set
Glass Cupping Jars 4 Piece Set
Complete Massage Cupping Kit
Acu Point Cupping Set With Magnets
Massage Cupping Therapy Bodywork Vol. I&Ii Dvd
Upc Medical Pink Silicone Cupping Set
Acucups Cupping Massage DVD
5 Piece Blown Glass Vacuum Cup Set
Medicupping Machine With Dvd -electric massager