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Thai Massage Supplies

Thai massage incorporates many different ideas into one wonderfully relaxing experience that will leave your patients feeling happier and healthier. Good Thai massage therapy equipment is necessary to provide a proper Thai massage. Much of this type of massage depends on positioning using mats and bolsters. The proper oils are also essential to the process. You can easily find the Thai massage supplies and products you need for your practice here on MassageWarehouse.com.

Sa-Wan Herbal Ball (2 Pack)
$13.29 - $15.69
Thai Massage KitSale
$249.99 $212.49
Thai Kneeling Mat
Thai Positioning Pillow
Thai Herbal Massage Balls, Coconut
Thai Massage Mat
Sa-Wan Thai Herb Ball Steamer
Sa-Wan Taste Of Paradise Thai Herbal Ball KitSale
$161.93 $118.99
The Passive Stretch DVD
Sa-Wan Thai Heaven Massage And Body Oil
$6.29 - $10.49
Thai Yoga Massage Book With Dvd