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Disposable Manicure & Pedicure Supplies

The place for your salon equipment and supplies. The salon essentials you need to give your clients the cool, sleek and stylish looks they demand. Our salon products include up and coming brands as well as some of the industries classics in the lash and brow, manicure, pedicure, chairs, furniture, hair care, disposable and skin care categories.


Flowery® Blue Max 4 Way Buffing Block
Flowery Polar Bar Buffing Block
Super Mini Buffing Block 200/240 Grit 126 Count
 Flowery Quattro Buffer
Flowery Disposable Nail File - Silver - 100/Pk
Flowery Disposable Mani-Care Kit
Flowery Disposable Buff Blocks Blue 180/Grit 100/Pk
Flowery Disposable Pedi-Care Kit
Flowery Disposable Black Wood Core
 Texas 2 Step Nail Shiner
 Flowery Wood 7" Black Beauty 180/180 150/Box
Flowery Fot Fil Disposable Pad System