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Weight Lifting Therapy Supplies

Weightlifting is a popular exercise choice. Sometimes weightlifting can lead to minor injuries as well as muscle soreness. Massage Warehouse offers a selection of weightlifting wellness products to help reduce or eliminate aches and pain due to exercise. We carry a line of items designed to work with massage to improve mobility and lessen pain. Hot and cold packs are very useful in treating muscle soreness as well as pulls or strains. Quickly applying a pack can reduce the severity of the injury. MassageWareshouse.com carries two lines of topical pain relief products. These products can be used on muscle sprains, strains, and aches. Hot pack therapy relief can be used in conjunction with massage to improve the recovery time.

Cryoderm Pain Relieving Family Image
$5.59 - $250.00
$6.49 - $17.63
$5.54 - $17.63
Thermophore Moist Heat Packs
$47.49 - $65.99
Thumper Sport Percussive Massager
Battle Creek Thermophore® Pro Moist Heat Therapy Pack