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      Protocols And Treatments

      Aromatherapy 101

      Serenity Hot Oil Scalp Ritual

      What Are Essential Oils?

      • Distilled aromatic plant material
      • Cultivated from named botanical species
      • Grown sustainably, organically or wild
      • Harvested at prime potency
      • Contain complex plant chemistry
      • They act therapeutically on the nervous, endocrine, and integumentary system

      Safety Considerations

      • Not intended for internal use or consumption
      • Do not apply 100% pure essential oils directly to skin
      • Consult a healthcare practitioner if using essential oils during pregnancy, seriously illness, or using them on children and pets
      • Proper dilution; approximately 10 drops per 1 oz. of unscented carrier product
      • Recommend checking product specific safety data

      Essential Oils in Treatment

      Customize essential oils for different treatments such as; relaxation, sports massage, pain relief and stress relief.

      Common Uses for Essential Oils

      • Reduce stress
      • Improve immunity
      • Improve skin conditions
      • Decrease muscle pain
      • Decrease headache

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