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  1. Massage Chairs

    Massage Chairs
    Did you know a great way to market yourself as a Massage Therapist and become known in your community to those interested in massage is to work charity events or volunteer performing chair massage? Did you know this is an incredibly effective way to give people an opportunity to appreciate your talent as a therapist as well as afford you a pocket of time to develop a rapport in order to better your opportunity of retaining them as a client for further services? Did you know that there are professional massage chairs on the market ranging from under $200 to over $600? How do you know what you need? How can you be sure the chair you buy will best suit your needs? Let’s take a look at the different uses for a massage chair, and use that information to determine how much chair you need to fulfill your specific needs.
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  2. Built by the People for the People

    Built by the People for the People
    It seems the American public is joining together more and more to affect change in our government, our society, and our world. We yearn to make the environments we live in, the economic climates, as well as the global political and socioeconomic climates more comfortable and far more stable.
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  3. The Road Less Traveled

    The Road Less Traveled
    Recently, I have had the opportunity to attend a couple of events off the beaten path from my usual trade show and convention stomping grounds. This year, I wanted to make a concerted effort to find out what is going on in some of the places I had not historically frequented.
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  4. Do Coupons Really Have Any "Redeeming" Value?

    Do Coupons Really Have Any "Redeeming" Value?
    I will answer that question with a resounding, YES! Who among us does not absolutely love getting a discount? What kind of shopper does not browse the sale racks at their favorite store looking for the "killer" deal? And when someone compliments you on the great shoes you have on, can you truly resist telling them about the incredible deal you got? No, I would bet big money you share that information proudly and without hesitation.
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  5. Growing Your Business Strong in Any Economy

    Growing Your Business Strong in Any Economy
    This time of year reminds me that some things old and once thought dead can have the breath of life infused and be reborn into something new and wonderful. When I drive the path to the office everyday, I see the cherry trees, once barren and lifeless just a month ago now full of life and blossom. The bright white flowers make me realize that in all things there is a hidden life and beauty if you want to take the time and effort required to nurture it.
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  6. Helping You Choose Wisely

    Helping You Choose Wisely
    In my years of experience in the massage-supply business, I have had the tremendous opportunity to meet and speak with literally thousands of massage therapists. I often am asked questions about professional-grade products and how to know when it might be time to make a change. When I began in the industry years ago, there were only a couple of major players in the lubricant field, so the choices were not so difficult to make. But now, as our industry has grown and prospered, so have the choices in lubricants. My intent in this article is not to promote any specific brand, but rather give you some pointers so you can make the right decision for your own practice.
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  7. Cutting Back Does Not Mean Cutting Corners

    Cutting Back Does Not Mean Cutting Corners
    With the new year upon us, now is the time to make some observations, commitments and resolutions about the way you do business. As our economic climate is changing globally, the effect to our practice or small business can be felt. Cutting back does not equate to cutting corners. Making changes in some of the current ways you promote yourself, promote your professionalism, and conduct your everyday business can net you additional assets rather than liabilities. Making sound choices appropriate for your business, your image, and your wallet can only assist you through these uncertain times, allow you a measure of consistency in the execution of a sound business plan and help provide greater financial stability.
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  8. Navigating the Economic Seas

    Navigating the Economic Seas
    Staying afloat in these tumultuous economic waters is certainly at the forefront of most people's minds these days, both personally and professionally. Every time you turn on the television, listen to the radio, log onto your Internet connection, read a paper or have any contact at all with the outside world, the subject du jour inevitably turns to the economy, and how hard we have all been impacted. We hear the negativity from every facet of our media, and we as a society begin to shrink in fear because of the doomsday soothsayers and their blanketed and often sensationalistic views.
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  9. Tips to Make Your Retailing Adventure a Success

    Tips to Make Your Retailing Adventure a Success
    Adding retail to your practice is a sound business idea proven to add unlimited revenue dollars to your business, while providing a profit for your bottom line. You potentially can add 20 to 80 percent or more to your income over treatment offerings alone! Numbers like that are difficult to ignore, especially when they are so easily within your grasp.
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  10. Taking the Fear Out of Retailing

    Taking the Fear Out of Retailing
    Retailing products to your clients need not be intimidating or frightening. Many massage professionals have learned the benefits of offering follow-through products for their clients, and you can too.
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