BIOTONE SPA Firmi-Sea Protocol


Prior to beginning you can discuss intended outcomes of the treatment and also provide the client an opportunity to select a Customizing Complex.

  1. (Optional) Perform a consultation and assessment prior to beginning this treatment, especially in the case of a series, for which clients pay a large amount. Talk to the client about lifestyle issues and her willingness to dedicate herself to the program for the duration of treatment. With client in bathing suit or underwear, assess visible signs of cellulite.
  2. Client begins face down. Starting at the client’s left leg, use loofah or dry bristle brush to perform a VIGOROUS exfoliation in circular motions beginning just above the knee and working to the buttocks, finishing at the upper waist for a total of 3 – 5 minutes, focusing on target areas (cellulite). Exfoliate arms from elbow to the upper triceps area, cupping the elbow to support the arm. Re-cover the client’s leg and repeat on right side. Client should be forewarned about the stimulating nature of this step, which differs substantially from regular exfoliation.
  3. Client turns over. Insert a breast and pelvic towel at this time. Then beginning at client’s right leg, use same vigorous exfoliation beginning above the knee and work up to the high waist for a total of 3-5 minutes. Drape the client with a bath sheet from the feet to the waist.
  4. Mix 40 drops Firming Customizing Complex into ½ cup Firmi-Sea Body Mud, warm mixture in hydrocollator, roaster, or other unit (microwave not recommended), and apply to target areas, including hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, and backs of upper arms. Beginning at bottom right corner of table, have client bend right leg at the knee and place right foot flat on the table to expose outer thigh, rolling slightly to the left. Start at the knee and apply mud beginning on the outside of the leg above the knee to the buttocks. Apply to right hand side of back at this time. Apply to inner thigh. Cover upper leg with plastic. Proceed to arm and apply mud from elbow to triceps. Cover arm with plastic. Repeat on left side of the body. Spread mixture beyond target areas as well, but there is no need to cover lower legs, upper back, chest, etc.
  5. Wrap client in layers, first with plastic wrap, then thermal blanket and cotton or wool blanket. Allow to rest for 20 –25 minutes. During this time, you may optionally apply reflexology to the feet, focusing on lymphatic drainage points.
  6. Beginning at lower left corner, unwrap client and remove mud. Mud removal starts on outer thigh, inner thigh of opposite leg, buttocks, waist and then arm, using the moist towels or assist to a shower. As the leg is cleansed, have the client lift that hip while you roll/fold the plastic wrap and thermal blanket under and away from the body. Repeat on the other leg. Remove the plastic/thermal blanket from the table entirely and have client lie on the clean flat sheet. Cover client with bath sheet to prevent chilling.
  7. Use 1 tablespoon of replenishing light oil mixed with 4 – 6 drops of firming Customizing Complex to perform a firm massage to targeted areas (outer & inner thigh, buttocks, upper waist, arms) for 30 minutes, focusing on skin rolling and tapotement techniques. You can also to have your cellulite massage oil pre-mixed, with 80 drops of firming Customizing Complex in an 8 oz. bottle.
  8. Cellulite massage technique: With client face up, begin at the bottom of the table with left leg, then the right, abdomen, arms, then have client turn over, massage left leg, then right, buttocks, waist, then arms. (This segment takes twenty minutes total. Ten for the front and ten for the back.) For each targeted area, apply these techniques, using the following procedures:
    • Apply product with long strokes. Repeat 3 times during one minute period.
    • Next, use knuckle effleurage in long strokes. Repeat 3 times during one minute period.
    • Then use small skin rolling technique pushing with the thumbs and pulling with the fingers. This technique can be done moving up the leg as well as across the leg. Repeat 3 times during one minute period.
    • Use an open handed percussion. Repeat 3 times during one minute period.
    • Finish with deeper long strokes. Repeat 3 times during one minute period.
    • For Abdomen use long strokes, skin rolling and deeper long strokes. Avoid knuckle effleurage and percussion.
    • If arms are treated, use longs strokes, effleurage, knuckle strokes and deep long strokes, concentrating on triceps. Percussion and skin rolling techniques can be used on arms when client is face down.
  9. Finish with an overall body application of body butter mixed with firming Customizing Complex, focusing once again on target areas.