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      Choosing the Right Lubricant

      While there are several modalities in which any type of lubricant can be used,
      there are a few that require a specific type of lubricant to achieve the best results.


      Deep Tissue Massage

      Deep Tissue massage is used to reach deeper layers of muscles. A lotion is ideal for this type of massage as it provides the ability to work in one concentrated area. TheraPro Deep Tissue Massage Lotion provides a smooth glide and absorbs quicker than typical massage lotion.
      Massage FX


      Reflexology massage provides stimulation using pressure points on feet, hands and ears to affect all parts of the body through the nerves. It is best to not use any lubricants during this treatment, but a cream or lotion such as Massage FX can be used to finish.
      Soma Silk Massage Creme


      Ashiatsu massage is also known as barefoot massage. With this modality, the Massage Therapist uses bare feet to perform basic Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Crème such as Soma Multi Purpose Crème is an ideal lubricant to use for this technique.

      Sports Massage

      Sports massage is a fast, vigorous modality used to either warm up the muscles before an athletic event or relax the muscles after an event. If you are performing the massage before the event, an analgesic like Biofreeze works best. If the massage is after the event, no lubricant is necessary as the athlete’s natural perspiration provides sufficient glide.
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