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      Ion Facial Steamer with High Frequency Ultraviolet Light & Magnifying Lamp

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      Ion Facial Steamer with High Frequency & Magnifying Lamp

      The basic concept of this facial steamer, which has the newest design and fashion, is that it uses electro thermal pipe to heat water for generating steam. The ozone lamp helps disinfect and decontaminate the steam. The sterile steam is then passed to the skin where treatment is needed. Features and Auto Turn-Off System that will activate when out the probe is out of water and sound an alarm to alert the operator that water is insufficient. This will save energy and prolong the machine's service life.

      The High Frequency uses ultraviolet rays to generate heat energy for the effects of elimination and absorption. It increases glandular activity, stimulates circulation of the blood, plays a germicidal action which kills bacteria, increases metabolism of the skin, and aids in deeper penetration of product into the skin. Includes 4 Electrodes (Acne Sparking, Straight, Spoon, and Mushroom).

      The Magnifying Lamp features 180° rotation with glass that magnifies 5 and eight times. Mild light will not harm the eyes. Distance adjuster tube for ease of operation.

      1 year warranty.



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