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      Nayada Institute Advanced Therapeutic Chair Massage DVD

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      Nayada Institute Advanced Therapeutic Chair Massage DVD

      It's time to dust off your massage chair! Don’t leave this valuable tool in your closet - the Advanced Therapeutic Chair Massage DVD will show you how to offer full-length, effective treatments anytime, anywhere, giving you money earning potential you didn't know you had.

      Bring the classroom to the living room with this full-length DVD, including complete demonstrations of the movements and techniques that allow you to learn at your own pace. It’s the next best thing to being at one of our live courses!

      Many massage therapists give up on chair work when they injure themselves trying to perform the necessary movements. There is a better way - the BodySaver Method™. We apply Nayada’s innovative BodySaver techniques to the chair, teaching you to use proper positioning, body weight, momentum, and your Power Tools to protect your body and support your practice. Don't bend over and strain your back to treat clients on the chair—we’ll show you the methods that work. By applying the Principles of Longevity, you can make the chair a worthwhile and profitable tool for your practice.

      Advanced Therapeutic Chair Massage is a fully clothed, no oil treatment, opening up options for clients who are on the run, don't want to disrobe, don't like oils, or are allergic to them. Make it easy for your clients to say "Yes!" to massage! Transform your chair into a mobile therapeutic device, and offer up to 90 minute treatments.



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