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      Thermophore® Pro Moist Heat Therapy Pack & Pad

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      Thermophore® Pro Moist Heat Therapy Pack
      Designed for use by Physical, Occupational & Massage Therapists and Chiropractors! New three-part Modular Construction separates the Thermophore® Professional from the competition. Unit includes moist heat pad, drape unit and poly-cotton blend cover. Drape unit adds weight to the unit during treatment and improves the evenness of the heat distribution causing less hot spots.


      • Provides Penetrating Deep Moist Heat Therapy
      • Wipe-able nylon construction
      • Large, Multi-purpose size 14” X 28” (35 X 71cm)
      • 4.5lb/2.1kg weight for superior drape over the patient/client
      • No need to add water
      • 25 Minute Auto Shut-off switch
      • Three Temperature settings
      • High – accelerated ramp up to full 160F(71C) degree heat (5-7 minutes)
      • Medium – Normal ramp up in approx.10 minutes
      • Low – Slow heat up for pre-heating
      • Modular Design enables easy servicing
      • Latex free


      1 year Professional use warranty


      Question and Answer

      FAQ's from the community.

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      Q: When this is on the clients back, can I cover it with the top flannel sheet, and blanket. Or will the top flannel sheet and blanket get too moist, for when the client is truned over to a supine position in the second half of massage. Does it come with more than 1 flannel cover. For use on different clients during the day. Also, do you have a similar product that can be used for a neck roll when the client is face up? THat does not have to be put in a micro wave or hot cabi?
      Created on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 by Pam
      0 Answers
      Q: What is this for.. Can I use this for body wrapsx
      Created on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 by kesh
      1 Answer


      Dr. Bob's Neck Wrap Heating Pad - Moist or Dry Heat
      • Envelope Mail