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      Bon Vital® Pink Grapefruit Squeeze Massage Oils, Lotions & Scrubs Kit

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      Bon Vital® Pink Grapefruit "Squeeze" Massage Kit

      Tantalize your senses. This refreshing massage also includes an exfoliation on the hands and feet that will leave you rejuvenated and balanced.


      Bon Vital® Spa Sugar Scrub 8 oz. Pink Grapefruit
      Use these sugar scrubs for refreshes the skin to a healthy glow. These scrubs are safe to use on all skin types and are non-sticky and are formulated for an easy rinse off.

      Bon Vital® Original Massage Oil 8 oz.
      Bon Vital' Original Massage Oil is formulated for the perfect massage and easy cleanup of linens and fabrics. Smooth, silky, and water dispersible. Unscented.

      Bon Vital® Body Silk Lotion 8 oz. Pink Grapefruit
      For smooth soft skin, apply Bon Vital Body silk daily after shower or bath. This light whipped nourishing body silk is packed with moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin well-nourished and smooth.

      Bon Vital® Essential Oil 10ml Grapefruit
      Bon Vital Essential Oils are 100% pure and natural. Our Essential Oils can be added to our oils, crèmes, lotions or gels to customize the therapeutic benefits for each of your clients.

      Bon Vital® Roll-On Essential Oil 8 ml Grapefruit
      Whether you prefer single note or synergy blends, Bon Vital Roll-on Essentials give you a therapeutic benefit you won't want to miss! The convenient "on the go" travel size roll-on applicator is easy to use and should be used on the pulse point 1-2 times daily.

      Kit Includes:



      Bon Vital' Pink Grapefruit "Squeeze" Massage Kit



      Bon Vital'® Body Silk Hydrating Lotion 8 oz. Pink Grapefruit
      Bon Vital Essential Oils 10Ml Grapefruit
      Bon Vital' Original Massage Oil 8 oz
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