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      Omni Massage Roller 12 Pack Display: Black Caps with Assorted Colors

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      Omni Roller 12 Pack Display  

      This unique product has become one of the most convenient massage tools on the market. Not only is it small enough to fit in any bag, but it is also very effective. The grip handle makes it easy to use on knots and to feel restrictions in the tissue. The Omni can be used in place of hand massage and even be used in a whirlpool or soothing bathtub. The product can be simply cleaned using soap and water as needed.

      **Omni Massage Rollers come with black cap in assorted roller ball colors**


      • Sports Massage: Warming up or cooling down for workouts
        • Moderate pressure in conjunction with vigorous motion
      • Swedish Massage: "Traditional" massage
        • Light pressure with long gliding strokes on the skin with additional circular kneading and shaking motions.
      • Deep Tissue
        • Deep compression and friction along the grain of the muscle
      • Pressure Point: applied to muscles or knots
        • Hold on pressure point for 3-10 seconds
      • Reflexology: Massage used for the hands and feet
        • Back and forth or static pressure on the base of the foot or palm of the hand



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