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      Copper Shirodhara System with Copper Pot & Control Valve

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      Copper Shirodhara

      The most popular and effective shirodhara system used in spas worldwide. A 1000ml traditional Indian copper vessel is fitted with a brass valve. This vessel rests on a copper ring and pole system that attaches to a solid oak base. May be used free-standing or set upon a trolley. A pure polished copper bowl on the ground gathers the oil after it comes off of the client's forehead. Beyond washing with soapy water and using copper polish periodically to bring the set back to its original luster, this equipment is virtually maintenance free. The shirodhara valved pot can also double as an excellent pizzichilli oil pouring vessel.

      The oak base is 11"x9"  Each copper bowl is about 2' long. Combines height when screwed together for a free standing setup is 4+ feet.


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      Q: Where is this product manufactured? Can you use your own vessel?
      Created on Sunday, January 5, 2014 by Stephanie Krishnan
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