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      DeepFeet E-Learning Course - Pro Certification (30 CEU's)

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      DeepFeet E-Learning Course - Pro (30 CEU's)

      E-Learning Course Content Includes:

      • Barefoot History, Body Mechanics
      • Contraindications, Pre-Post Care
      • Foundation for Good Practice
      • DeepFeet Methodology’s
      • Client & Therapist Benefits
      • Table Set up, Equipment, Safety, Supplies
      • Detailed HD Video Instruction: Posterior Techniques
      • Ashi Points, DeepFeet Terminology
      • Foot Care, Lubrication & Draping
      • Exams, Client Practice Log & Feedback Forms
      • Bar Construction & Materials
      • Marketing and more…

      Pro Course Package:

      • Digital Course Work
      • High Definition Video Instruction
      • Written Manual with Pictures and Posters for Print
      • Bar Construction Guide
      • Online Quiz’s & Forms
      • Performance Review with instructor feedback
      • Email and Phone Support
      • 2 hour Live or Virtual Bar Exam for Certification
      • MP3 audio instruction
      • Life Time Directory Listing

      DeepFeet Expectations:

      You will have 60 days to complete this course and receive your CEU’s. In order to be successful in taking this e learning barefoot course we recommend the following:

      1. Be physically healthy & fit and free of any recent injuries
      2. Have a strong understanding of anatomy, physiology and deep tissue techniques
      3. Be able set aside a minimum of 5-10 hours a week for study & practice
      4. Perform 20 practice sessions on various body types

      Our comprehensive Ashiatsu E-learning course  has been created with the same amount of quality and care that we put forth in our live classroom teachings. We’re here to help you along the way to understand every element of performing the best barefoot massage techniques you can.

      This is not a typical home study massage course that only involves a written manual and video instruction. Our course meets that standards of a true E Learning experience where students will log into a private secure online platform and follow a detailed course outline and are tested on each lesson before they are able to move onto the following module. Most students will spend approximately 3-4 hours on our lecture portion of class before viewing ashiatsu video instruction. Our number one goal is safety for both the therapist and the client. Making sure you have an understanding of proper bar construction, contraindications and body mechanics is key to delivering a safe and productive Ashiatsu treatment.

      Documented practice sessions are required to complete our e learning courses and receive full CE credit.  What sets our E Learning Course a parts from others is that our course content is delivered in a fashion that is interesting,  challenging and most importantly holds students accountable for learning and retaining the content so that can practice Ashiatsu effectively and successfully.

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