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      Dr. Cohen's Heatable Acuback

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      Dr. Cohen's Heatable Acuback

      The HEATABLE Acuback was developed to re-create the body's normal lumbar curvature - lost when we hunch forward. The result is effortless upright posture as the thoracic and cervical curves are re-created automatically. Patented design features like the Spine Align Belt accept users vertebrae providing unparalleled support. Precision nibs penetrate and separate tight muscle while you work reducing strain and improving productivity.The Acuback is also an excellent lumbar and cervical release tool empowering patients to help themselves 100% naturally.  


      • Heatability: New technology creates 75 minutes of heat from 1 minute in microwave/12 minutes boiling - creating a uniquely soothing user experience.
      • Spine Align Belt:  Precision moulded groove running around the middle of the Acuback allows unparalleled sitting comfort & cervical and lumbar release. 
      • Precision Nibs:  Bevelled design penetrates and releases tight muscles 100% naturally with minimal discomfort.
      • Fully Portable:  Take it anywhere and use it anytime you need it. Comes with a handy carrying bag that doubles as a chair holder.
      • Educational:  Includes summary of latest research on how to avoid computer strain - The 7 Essentials of Healthy Computing.


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      Q: Is this product mostly used for self care or could it be used by a Theraist on the client for chair events?
      Created on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 by Teresa
      0 Answers


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