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      EO&SUCH "All the feels" Aromatherapy Edition Flashcards

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      EO&SUCH "All the feels" Aromatherapy Edition Flashcards

      Who doesn't like smelling things?!? (Just us...okay...) These " All the Feels" Aromatherapy Essential Oil Flashcards help you to find the right diffusing oil to get your mood on point. These cards are going to give you beautiful, funny, empowering ways to make sure that you are getting the most out of your essential oil investment. Allowing you to have fun and laugh while feeling healthy and ready to take on the day.

      Each box contains 50 cards that can go with you wherever your oils go. Not only will they teach you the basics about which oil to use for which mood - they'll also give you a creative tool for your next class and add some fun to your next oily craft night.

      Each card is laminated and oil approved (no oils were harmed in the making of these cards). Box includes a metal ring to keep your cards together and go where your oils go. For funzies, we threw in a few new game ideas for your next class or party. You can find even more essential oil game ideas at

      Front of Card:

      • A bold splash of color that was chosen based on what color we were feeling when we imagined ourself if that mood
      • The name emotion you're hoping to promote or fight back (the emotions are listed below)

      Back of Card:

      • A funny, motivational, inspiring affirmation to help push in the right direction.
      • The style of these affirmations will change depending on the card and based on our mood while creating them for you.
      • A list of oils you can choose from to help promote or fight the mood you're in.



      Cobalt Blending Bottle 15 ml With Cap And Dropper
      sparoom® PureMist™ Essential Oil Diffuser New
      Glass Measuring Beaker 25 Ml
      Glass Stirring Rod 4"
      • Envelope Mail