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      EO&SUCH The Everyone Edition Flashcards

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      EO&SUCH The Everyone Edition Flashcards

      No matter what brand of oils you love, these Everyday Essential Oil Flashcards are going to give you a beautiful, fun way to make sure you're getting the most out of your essential oil investment. You can be healthier and, finally show Rita up with your essential oil mastery. Crisis averted. Not only will they teach you the basics about the most commonly used oils, they'll also give you a great conversation tool! Each card is laminated and oily hand approved (no oils were harmed in the making of these cards). Box includes a flexible, metal ring to hold all cards included together so that they can go wherever you go. For funzies, we threw in a few game ideas for your next class or party.

      Each box has 56 cards that include information on the 54 most commonly used essential oils. And they're the perfect size to go wherever your oils go - making it easy to share with your friends, family, a fellow yogi, or some random stranger on the street!

      Front of Card:

      • Name of the essential oil
      • A pithy saying to help you remember it.
      • Fun, bright colors to show off your love of oils

      Back of Card:

      • 3-4 benefits of each oil.
      • Symbols to easily show how you can use the oils (T: Topical, A: Aromatic, I: Internal, P: Photosynthesizing)
      • A list of other oils that blend and diffuse well with the promoted oil.

      Please Note:

      • These cards are not specific to any brand.




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