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      Ethics: A Comprehensive Approach to the New Client: 6 Continuing Education Hours

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      Ethics: A Comprehensive Approach To The New Client: 6 Continuing Education Hours

      This continuing education course introduces you to the four types of ethics. The course expounds on one of the four types, Normative Ethics. Normative Ethics is the foundation for the comprehensive approach to the New Client and the three documents that solidify that approach; Statement of Informed Consent, New Client Intake and Business Policies. We will tell you what should be included in each document and why. We will show you how to create these documents and how to customize your documents to meet the individual needs of your practice. Upon completion of this course you will feel comfortable requiring your new client to complete these documents and will be able to field questions related to these documents. You will take comfort in knowing you are upholding the highest ethical standards set forth by our industry and will be able to address ethical concerns that may arise in your practice.



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