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      Buy RockBlades & Mohawk and Get RockFloss FREE!

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      Buy RockBlades & Mohawk and Get RockFloss FREE!

      RockBlades® 2.0 Kit

      From the makers of RockTape® this kit is comprised of two all new precision-engineered and manufactured soft-tissue stainless-steel instruments: The Mallet and The Mullet. Perfect for any medical professional interested in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). The kit also contains the newly reformulated RockRub and sanitizing wipes to use between patients.

      The Mallet

      Is fabricated from surgical-grade stainless steel with hand-polished treatment surfaces. This high-quality construction combines with its perfectly balanced and weighted core makes tissue scanning and treatment a breeze. The Mallet contains matte finished dimples – four on each side - combined with a patented brass knuckle styled handle that allows practitioners to hold the tool in six different ways. Each side has its own unique shape and edge radius.

      The Mullet

      Upgraded version is fabricated from the same surgical-grade stainless-steel as the Mallet while retaining the same weight as the previous plastic version. The Mullet is designed to be portable which allows for practitioners to deliver superior soft tissue manipulation to their patients in a wide array of settings. The tool has four distinct edges providing a vast array of treatment capabilities. The Mullet also included a few quirks including a functioning bottle opener and RockTape’s awesome manifesto design on the non-treatment faces of the tool.

      RockBlades® Mohawk System

      RockBlades® Mohawk ushers in a new era of IASTM capabilities, never before seen in the industry. Featuring 3 tools in one, Mohawk enables you to treat a wide range of pain, mobility and neurological issues with one precision crafted steel tool and two unique patent-pending attachments. Kit ships in a custom, travel friendly EVA carry case that includes additional pockets designed to hold your Mullet and Mallet from the RockBlades® set.

      The Mohawk

      Surgical stainless-steel tool with 6 unique hand polished treatment surfaces. Four matte-finished dimples are placed on each side to ensure a positive traction of the tool during treatment. Non-treatment faces are laser engraved with RockTape’s manifesto pattern.

      The Silicone Sleeve

      Fabricated from surgical grade red silicone with a unique finish designed to grip the skin’s surface – creating a shearing effect between the skin and tissue below. This allows for novel treatment of nerve glide and neuropathy issues, all while reducing exertion and chance of injury for a practitioner.

      The Comb

      Brings the concept of dry brushing into the 21st century. The patent-pending polycarbonate-ABS black comb is designed to lightly glide over the skin for neurological stimulation, without damaging the skin of causing discomfort. The precision-moulded comb edges can be used to reduce localized pain, improve kinesthetic awareness and proprioception of the body and facilitate lymphatic fluid flow and drainage.


      • The Mohawk
      • The Silicone Sleeve
      • The Comb
      • 50 g RockRub
      • EVA Carry Case

      RockFloss® 2"

      Win your warmup with RockFloss®!

      A new reusable mobility tool that can help you move better and with less pain by combining the science of compression and fascial shearing to help unstick muscles and joints. RockFloss® is a simple, yet effective, latex, elastic band that fits easily in your gym bag or backpack. Can be used before or after training, or as part of a rehabilitation program. RockFloss® can be used on almost any part of the body; great target areas to treat include shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, wrists and ankles. RockFloss® should never be used on your head or neck. Detailed instructions are included in every box of RockFloss®

      RockFloss® Basics

      • Always wrap toward the heart
      • Wrap with 50% overlap of previous loop
      • Continue wrapping target area while adding tension, up to 50%, to tolerance
      • Finish by tucking in the end
      • Move the joint or muscle through range of motion for no longer than 2 minutes
      • Never use RockFloss on your head or neck

      Kit Includes:



      Massage Cupping Therapy Bodywork Vol. I & II DVD
      Hot Stone Accu Roller
      Complete Massage Cupping Kit - Complete Massage Cupping Therapy Set
      Bongers Handheld Percussive Massage Tools Set of 2
      • Envelope Mail